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Ear Hustle Podcast joined us at Salinas Valley State Prison for Camp Grace 2021!

We appreciate Earlonne Woods, Nigel Poor, Bruce Wallace, Amy Standen and the rest of the Ear Hustle team for highlighting the experiences of some of our families; All of the love and fun, but also the hard moments that come when families are separated by incarceration. Ear Hustle’s conscious and delicate way of telling our families’ stories really helps emphasize the importance of family reunification and how essential programming such as Camp Grace is for healing trauma for our dads, kids, caregivers, staff (both ours and CDCR staff) and communities in the long run.

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“This past fall, we followed a group of kids into Salinas Valley State Prison to spend two days with their dads, whom they hadn’t seen in years. Through music, crafts, and games, the idea behind Camp Grace is to put aside prison personas and reconnect with fatherhood. But relationships strained by incarceration can be hard to fix.

Big thanks to the team at The Place 4 Grace: Karen, Jenny, Candace, Sandra, and Maria.

We also want to thank campers Alex, Geneva, Andrew, Angel, Gigi, Eli, and Christian, and their dads, Jose, Peter, Frankie, Gilbert, Gabriel, and Ramon, as well as Angelica and Theresa, for talking with us. Thanks also to Alma, Jen, Adriana, Officer Muros, Officer Guevara, and Warden Atchley at Salinas Valley State Prison.

This episode was scored with music by Antwan Williams and Rhashiyd Zinnamon.

As always, big thanks to Lt. Sam Robinson and Warden Ron Broomfield for their support of the show.

Ear Hustle is a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX.

You can download the episode here and find the transcript here.”

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